How I Work

When we meet, I will tune into how things are for you; the difficulties you're facing; feelings you're struggling with; I will listen to you without judging you and offer you support through your difficulties.

I also draw from other theories and training in a tailored approach according to your needs and preferences, such as; 


CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy); Attachment (loss & grief, attachment styles) and Human Development (sexual identity, spiritual identity, cultural identity); mindfulness, meditation and focusing.

Person-Centred Counselling

Using Person-centred approach, I believe in your potential and ability to make choices for yourself by accessing the resources you already have within you. You may have lost touch with those resources (and may doubt you even have them), but they are always there. 


Being listened to in this way can really help and may bring you to a clearer understanding of yourself; to your own answers; to improved self-esteem; or maybe just help when you feel there is no-one else you can talk to.

This approach acknowledges our natural tendency to reach towards the most effective state of being and provides a catalyst for constructive change by working with this natural tendency.

Mindfulness & Meditation

We can use mindfulness and meditation as powerful tools to aid the therapeutic process, during sessions and/or in between, if this is way you want to work and if you find it helpful.


Research is beginning to demonstrate the helpfulness of this practise in halting old, automatic neural pathways and activating then growing new neural circuitry in the brain.

Mindfulness can help to increase self-awareness and acceptance, improve concentration and memory, reduce anxiety and depression and improve physical health. It can also be used as a grounding technique, which can be helpful when working with trauma.

Meaningful Connection for Positive Growth

Talking about your difficulties with a professional counsellor who is here to listen to you, believes in your ability and potential, can help you untangle complicated or confusing issues, unlock your own resources and enable you to live more fully.