Client Feedback

"What was really helpful was I felt like Katy really listened to me. I don't think anyone's ever listened to me this way and it's helped me realise a lot of things about myself and deal with a lot of the things." 

Emma, Manchester

"I just couldn't think of anything that was unhelpful. This person-centred counselling has been interesting and I'd try and come back for more counselling with Katy if I ever need therapy again."

Paul, Manchester

"I'd actually tried a few other counsellors before I saw Katy and I'm so glad I gave the webcam counselling a try because it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life! Before I wasn't really living an honest life and it was hard to just be myself, but now even after the counselling has ended, the interesting thing is, I'm still noticing improvements."

Liz, Video Counselling

"… I was on a rather long waiting list for free local counselling... my initial assessment with her via Skype was enough to convince me... Katy is intelligent, which was important to me.. person centred counselling involved a lot of listening, then effectively replaying it back, and holding up a mirror - with no spin or judgement but in a way to make you understand potential patterns.. Counselling is challenging, but I found it hugely beneficial, and I would not hesitate to recommend Katy for anyone in need of counselling."

Deborah, Video Counselling

"... thank you for the help you provided during our sessions. They were definitely a turning point in my life and have put me on a much more positive and spiritual path in life. As well as being helpful, I always found our chats to be interesting, enjoyable and thought-provoking. As a result, I realised how shallow the majority of relationships in my life were and I am now choosing to surround myself with people who are interested in the more meaningful aspects of life."

Marcus, Manchester

"I thought I'd try telephone counselling because it's hard for me to get out and about. I'm so grateful I tried Katy's service first. I've had counselling before but not over the phone but this was more helpful which really surprised me. I'd recommend this to anyone who can't get counselling the usual way."

Sophie, Telephone Counselling

"I like myself now, which is really something."

Aisha, Telephone Counselling

It seemed to help just getting to talk about what depression is like for me. I didn't know counselling would be like that… I started to notice I seemed to be doing more things in my life… feeling like I can cope better with things and feel more motivated… I'll still keep exploring my depression, but the way I think about it now feels different. I'm not even sure I'd still call it depression, or if it even needs a definition. I might have counselling again at some point, but that's because it's felt helpful this time."

B, Manchester

"What I found most helpful was being listened to, so I could just get a chance talk each week about the things that were so difficult to cope with."

K, Video Counselling

"I was very nervous about going for counselling but Katy made me feel more relaxed really quickly. I had no idea what to expect but it only took one session to feel reassured. I want to say thank you for being so helpful and if I ever need counselling again I'd definitely come back!"

J, Manchester

"I wasn't sure about therapy really, but this did help because in text it was much easier to say things. In the end I feel like if I have counselling again I might try it face to face because now I find the idea less scary."

Michael, Text Counselling

"I was referred for counselling from work for anxiety and found this support really helpful because my anxiety went less and I got more confident to say things I really feel. I didn't understand where my anxiety was coming from before and found this has helped to realise feelings I didn't even know I had and make sense of myself better. "

A, Face to Face Counselling (EAP refererral)