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Talk to a Professional, Registered Counsellor, MBACP for Personal, Therapeutic Counselling  

Telephone Counselling - UK

If you need to talk, but find it difficult to access counselling in person, telephone counselling offers a convenient and easiliy accessible alternative.


You can talk to a counsellor from anwhere in the UK with phone counselling, from the comfort and ease of your own home, office, or other location. Get emotional support and help to address issues with this effective, therapeutic counselling. 

Professional, MBACP Registered Counsellor

Whatever you need to talk about, connect with an experienced, qualified, MBACP registered counsellor, for professional counselling for a wide variety of issues, such as anxiety, depression, self esteem counselling, stress counselling, spiritual counselling, personal development and many more. 


Call or *text  07904 605539  to arrange a telephone counselling consultation and find out how this phone counselling service could help you.


*If you text, or leave a message - please leave your:

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what is telephone counselling 

Telephone counselling follows the same basic principles as face to face counselling in terms of duration and commitment. This can be short term or longer term and appointments are pre-arranged, with an ethically-based advisory minimum of 6-12 sessions.


There is no obligation to attend 6-12 sessions and you/we may conclude it is unnecessary, unwanted, or unsuitable. Suitability and duration are discussed during the consultation and from time to time throughout the process.

It is important to ensure you are able to have sufficient privacy for your appointments; a private enough space, without others listening and without other commitments, interruptions or distractions, such as childcare, family or work.

This telephone counselling service is not an emergency phone line and is unable to provide immediate support of instant chat facility. Please access the alternative contact numbers at the foot of this page if you are experiencing crisis or in need of immediate support.

who is telephone counselling for?

You may prefer phone counselling due to practical limitations, such as work, travel and family commitments or due to other issues, like social anxiety.

This service can be flexible and convenient, allowing you to access counselling help from home, office, or another location, alongisde face to face.

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Get in touch to arrange an appointment or with any questions using the details above, or alternatively you can email, or use the contact form.