What Is Counselling

What is Counselling?


Many people feel unsure of what to expect from counselling or therapy and there are many different types of therapy and counsellors to choose from. This counselling service is person-centred. Person-Centred approach is:

  • Listening without judgement

  • Showing empathy, understanding and support

  • Non-directive, won't tell you what to do

  • Facilitates the strengths and resources within you

  • Helps you to understand yourself better

  • Helps you find your own answers (if you are looking for answers)

  • Works at your pace

  • Supports your freedom to make your own choices

  • Helps you find or relocate your own value

How Will Counselling Help?

Therapeutic Counselling

Counselling can be a powerful tool for emotional support through to personal development, by facilitating meaningful therapeutic connection for effective process and constructive change. 

With a high empathy approach and belief in your inner strengths and abilities, I will offer you emotional support and help you to address issues in a safe, trusting and therapeutic environment. 

Counselling is a reflective process almost like holding up a mirror so you can see yourself more clearly. This empathic process creates an opportunity to increase self-awareness, self-empathy, self-trust and authenticity.

Effective person-centred counselling provides a catalyst for positive change and this approach has been proven to be effective through many years of research including a broader positive impact on society.


Is Counselling For Me?

Why Choose Counselling?

Sometimes experiences in life can leave you feeling lost and confused, behaving in ways which you can't understand, testing your understanding of yourself, your relationships, fundamental choices and other aspects of your life.​

When you seek counselling support with a professional counsellor, you're making a significant decision to give yourself some time and focus to begin to look at some of these issues.

Private counselling is a time just for you each week, to be listened to without judgement. The process can increase your self-awareness and self-esteem; help you to understand yourself better; help you find your own answers; emotionally support you.


how many appointments will I need?

Counselling Process & Duration

Counselling is an exploratory process which we use to explore your experiencing of being. This is a process which requires commitment and regular (generally weekly) attendance. The duration will depend on you as an individual, the issues you bring, what you want to get out of your counselling, your preference and choice.

I am able to provide both short-term/solution focused or longer term counselling and this will also depend on your individual needs. Short term attendence may be from 6 - 24 sessions and longer term attendance is open ended. 


It is important to understand that counselling is not a magic wand or a quick fix. Fundamentally the process aims to help guide you through your own truth and toward your own answers.

An initial minimum of x6 appointments is strongly suggested but there is no obligation to attend this number of appointments and you or I may decide this is unsuitable, unhelpful or unwanted at any point in the process. 

Your initial appointment is an assessment for suitability of this service, duration, expectations and goals. If this service appears unsuitable for your needs during the process of counselling, I will suggest alternative support and can help you with the process of onward referral to another service.